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The Departmental Board

Ordinary members

Substitute members

Category: Teachers, researchers and Technical and administrative staff, for the period 1st July 2020 to 30 June 2023. Category: Student representatives for period 1st Oktober 2019 - 30 september 2020. The election of undergraduate students’ representatives is organized by the Students' Union, Faculty Co-ordnator at the faculty of medicine. The Board is the governing body for the entire Department of Neuroscience.

Department Leadership


Financial administration

  • Marie Ljungberg, Financial administrator BMC
  • Maria Brandt, on leave, Financial administrator, University Hospital entrance 85
  • Mei Jiang, Financial administrator, University Hospital entrance 85
  • Berit Hård Wallenqvist, Financial and human resources administratior, BMC
  • Mariana Hooli,  Financial administrator, BMC
  • A-C Fält, Financial and human resources administratior, Psykiatri, University Hospital entrance 10
  • Sari Thunberg, Financial and human resources administratior, University Hospital entrance 85

Human Resources Administration

  • Ulrika Enqvist (Maria Lindermann, on leave), Human resources generalist , BMC
  • Sari Thunberg, Financial and human resources administratior, University Hospital entrance 85
  • A-C Fält, Financial and human resources administratior, Psychiatry, University Hospital entrance 10


Course administration

Link to the course administration homepage and information on which adminstrator is responsible for the different courses.

Workplace fire protection officer:

Committees at the Department

Post-graduate studies committe

Undergraduate studies committee

Health and Safety Committee

Committee for Equal Opportunities

Ph D student Council

Junior Faculty

Environmental representative