Within the Department of Neuroscience research related to psychiatry has its focus on investigating factors relevant for psychiatric morbidity. The research group holds a wide variety of competence, and most members have substantial clinical experience.

There is broad expertise in research methods, from preclinical and experimental methods, to methods used in clinical studies. This includes, but is not limited to methods for evaluation of psychiatric symptomatology and methods used in genetic and proteomic research.

This wide knowledge base allows clinically relevant research on many levels. The ultimate goal of the research is to improve psychiatric health. This requires optimal definitions of psychiatric states optimal diagnostic procedures and subsequently best available and evidence based care and treatments. All of this shall be based on up-to-date knowledge of the enigmas of the nervous system.

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Assistant Head of Department for Psychiatry:
Professor Lisa Ekselius

Lisa Ekselius

professor at Department of Neuroscience, Ekselius: Psychiatry

Mobile phone:
+46 18 6115243