Brain tumours and Skull base surgery

Specific studies

  • Neurosurgical anatomy studies of the white matter in the human brain – post mortem fiber dissection and in vivo tractography of magnetic resonance imaging studies
  • Studies of tumor to brain interface in meningiomas - Peritumoral edema and invasiveness
  • Mapping of symptoms and disturbance of higher order functions and quality of life in patients with gliomas
  • Mapping of symptoms in patients with insular gliomas
  • Co-registration of radiology and histology in low grade glioma patients
  • Disturbances of brain electrical activity after brain tumour surgery
  • Impact of extent of resection on overall survival in patients with high grade gliomas
  • Neurophysiological distance estimation to subcortical white matter tracts during awake craniotomy for tumour resection
  • Biological, functional and cosmetic follow-up of cranioplasty surgery


Mats Ryttlefors, Associate Professor (group leader)
Maria Zetterling, Associate Professor
Göran Hesselager, M.D, Ph.D
Olafur Gudjonsson, M.D, Ph.D
Jimmy Sundblom, M.D, Ph.D

Ph.D. students

Francesco Latini, M.D.