To all Staff, post-doc and PhD Students at the Department of Neuroscience


The Covid-situation seems to prevail at least for a few more months. Our new vice-chancellor Anders Hagberg has prolonged the decision that all teaching must be digital until May 31st. A few exceptions have been granted including examinations on site for educations that give legitimations. Make sure to follow the restrictions with physical distancing at all times as well as other general recommendations to minimize virus spread. 

More information is found on the UU home page:

As announced on the Neuro-day in November, I will step down as head of the Department at the end of March. The new head, professor Lars Rönnblom has now been appointed by the vice-rector Mats Larhed and will start April 1st. He is externally recruited for one year and has a broad and extensive experience from leading the Department of Medical Sciences and from many national and international missions. Lars Rönnblom is professor of Rheumatology. For group leaders, he will present himself at the Neurolunch on Friday March 26th and at the board meeting on March 2d. He is very welcome and we are looking forward to his input to the Department.

It is research grant application time. Consult a colleague to read your project plan to get input and maybe new ideas in order to improve the applications. For you who requires a recommendation letter from the head of the Department, it is Important to approach me with a good margin to the deadlines. Count on at least 10 days before deadlines and provide necessary information. A draft may be sketched by your group leader who know you best.

We will soon be able to welcome our new professor in Psychiatry, Simon Cervenka who will start April 1st. We are in the process of recruiting both a professor in Speech pathology and Neurophysiology (BMC). Note also that our professorship in Neurology is out for applications with deadline April 5th.

Hopes for a safe work and with the best regards,

Finn Hallböök

Finn Halböök, PhD
Head of the Department
Professor of Developmental Neuroscience
Dept Neuroscience
Uppsala University, Biomedical Center (BMC)