To all Staff, post-doc and PhD Students at the Department of Neuroscience


The Covid-19 situation is worsening in the Uppsala region. The new local guidelines for Uppsala issued by the Public Health Agency impose increased physical distancing and minimized contacts in order to reduce virus spreading. In essence, physical contact must be avoided and distance must be kept at all times to all and anyone other than those within your close house hold.

For the Department this means that our actions to minimize contacts and increase physical distance (>1,5 m at all times of the working time) within our premises must be strictly adhered to. The action plans to increase distances within the labs and offices must be followed. Research group leaders must make sure that action plans are communicated and followed. Special rules are in effect for staff working at the hospital.

This also means that only staff and students belonging to the department are allowed within the premises. More specifically, only students with on-going projects at the department are allowed. Visitors, friends or family will have to stay out. They will be welcome after this situation is under control. The restrictions include research partners, associate researchers or others who do not have their regular employment within the Department of Neuroscience.

The vice chancellor has informed that the education will not be further restricted at this stage. The regulation about on-campus education and examination remain unchanged. However, all precautions taken to create distance and avoid contact have to be followed with increased attention. This means that all education without practical parts should be digital. Changes in the restriction may occur with short notice so stay informed through information via

Non-essential meetings should from now on be digital and when work tasks allow, work may be done from home after agreement with supervisors and management. It must be safe to be in our premises so that staff in research, education and administration may do their work on site.

It is recommended to avoid or minimize any social activities that may include physical closeness. So avoid public transportations, after work gatherings and parties...

Don’t forget to keep your good hand hygiene, stay at home if slightest symptoms of cold and please respect the situation to a full extent.

Take care, stay safe and contribute to a safe working environment,

Finn Hallböök


Head of the Department
Professor of Developmental Neuroscience

Dept Neuroscience
Uppsala University, Biomedical Center (BMC)
Box 593
S-751 24 Uppsala, Sweden
Visiting address: Husargatan 3, A2:2

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