To all Staff, post-doc and PhD Students at the Department of Neuroscience


Welcome back from the summer and vacation. I hope everybody has had a pleasant and relaxing summer and is back to meet all new challenges in our research and education with fresh inspiration and creativity.

The decision taken by the Vice-Chancellor in June is still in force for the teaching and work. Needless to say, the situation can change for the better or worse depending on the development of Covid-19, but we expect the current restrictions and recommendations to apply for the entire autumn semester. Continue to follow the general recommendations and importantly, I urge you to get tested as soon as you suspect that you have any symptoms. Visit “sjukvårdupplysningen” and reserve time for testing.

The students are now back on Campus BMC and to the Department premises. The situation is however not back to normal. Teaching will to a large extent still be digital and only the 1st semester program students will be invited to lectures on Campus. Special restrictions are still in effect for the hospital and physical distancing must be respected within the Department. Note and follow instructions in the lunch rooms and labs. The standard rule is 1.5 meter distance to your neighbor lab-mate or colleague. There will be defined times for using the common lunch rooms for the different corridors. Info about this will be posted at the doors. Please read and respect the instructions.

For Campus BMC there are attempts to direct the traffic of students within BMC. A Campus card will still be needed to enter the locked doors. Students are directed to enter BMC through at entrees on the A-side and exit at the D-side of the building through the inner yards at BMC. The course schedules are laid out to minimize crowds. Some corridors will be one-way. As a course-leader or teacher make sure you have the latest information and that you share the info with the students at the introduction start-up. The distributed information is appended to this mail.

The new Department Board will have its first meeting Tuesday Sept 15th. Neuro-lunch for group leaders on Friday Sept 11th. Note that the nomination of PhD student representatives is on-going (until Sept 31st) and please make sure there are candidates from different research groups.

Participate in the seminars at the Department! The Neuro-seminar series is on Thursdays and Psychiatry seminars every other Friday and they will be by Zoom until further notice. Check out the calendarium at the homepage for events and links. Make sure that all PhD students are given the opportunity to present their work ie. at the Neuro-seminar series.

Reserve the Neuro-day dedicated for research on Nov. 19 in your calenders and thank you GUK for yesterday's Zoom-conference on Digital & Student activating teaching. It was inspiring and the presentations will be very useful for many of us.

With the best regards!

Finn Hallböök

Head of the Department
Dept Neuroscience