To all Staff, post-doc and PhD Students at the Department of Neuroscience


Midsummer is just a day away and for many of us it is also soon time for summer holidays. I would like to thank you all once again for your work during the spring 2020. 

I am pleased and also relieved that we have managed to get most of our normal tasks done despite the special Covid-19 situation. I am also pleased that so many of you participated in our information Zoom-meeting last week with our recently installed professor Anna Rostedt Punga presenting her research. I hope that we will be able to carry through the postponed Neuro-Day in November and that the invited presenters will be able to attend, including our new professor in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Mia Ramklint.

I am looking forward to the new recruitments that are in the pipeline: professorships in Psychiatry, Neurophysiology, Speech and Language Pathology, and later Neurology, as well as several senior lecturers.

From July 1st the department will have a new Acting Deputy Head, Katarina Laurell (Neurology). Pernilla Åsenlöf (Physiotherapy) who has been the Deputy Head will take on the task of “Prodekanus” for the Medical Faculty. Thank you Pernilla for your work for the Department leadership and welcome Katarina to join.

For those of you who have not yet voted for the new Department board, there is still time until 4 pm on Thursday June 18th. You may put your vote by the administrations; at BMC, at “Ingång 85”, at the reception in “Psykiatrins Hus” or you may send a postal vote. The votes will be counted at 10 am on June 23rd at BMC, Cerebrum, Corridor C2:2 and will be public. Please attend if you want.

During the summer period I will be available via e-mail: for Departmental matters that cannot wait until August. It may take a few days for an answer and for acute or urgent matters call or send SMS.

The Department administration at BMC will be manned through-out the summer period with at least one person on duty. Info is posted by the BMC administration. You may also e-mail the contact person for your research group and get referral to who is Admin on duty. Note that the BMC reception will be closed from 6/7 - 31/7 and no keys or card will be issued. Note also that any payments “arvoden” must be submitted before July 2nd to be handled during the vacation period.

A few words on the Covid-19 situation. The recommendation for obligatory remote teaching and assessment have ceased to apply from yesterday June 16th 2020. However, the measures to stop virus spreading is still into effect. Check information at the UU homepage: The maximum limit for gatherings is still 50 people with physical distancing and the teaching is currently adapted to meet these requirements. Again, this will be a challenge for all study directors and course leaders with remote teaching being the only alternative for many of the exercises. Priority is given to courses at the first semesters of the education to be physically present at the Campus.

The new situation will lead to more people in the premises both at the Campus and within the Department and thus increased risk for virus spread. We will therefore have to continue to apply all possible measures to decrease this risk. Such measures are summarized in the appended pdf. Students who are within the Department’s premises should be informed about the measures by the responsible supervisor or group leader in charge.

I wish you all a Happy Midsummer!

Finn Hallböök, PhD
Head of the Department
Professor of Developmental Neuroscience

Dept Neuroscience
Uppsala University, Biomedical Center (BMC)
Box 593
S-751 24 Uppsala, Sweden

Visiting address: Husargatan 3, A2:2

T. +46.(0)18.471 4944
Cell. +46.(0)72 999 9419