To all Staff, post-doc and PhD Students at the Department of Neuroscience


Even though the outside temperature is still low and is lagging behind, the sun is shining and we are well into the spring. I hope nature will catch up before we run into the summer.

A few words on the Covid-19 situation. The Vice-chancellor has decided that the remote teaching and examination will persist at least until August 30. This will affect the summer courses and also the examinations in the end of August. We will not know until after the next decision is presented in mid-June if the autumn semester will be closed. Most programs have started to plan for remote teaching also after August 30th but it would be very good to be able to have the first semester students on site at the Campus when the semester starts.

The study directors have assembled a plan for stand-in course leaderships in case of illness. The plan is attached and please check your responsibilities and stand-in duties as teacher or course leader. This planning also takes into account the administration.

There are positive indications from the intensive care both in the Stockholm area and in Uppsala with fewer Covid-patients. A trend which hopefully will last. Nevertheless, please be careful and pay respect to the distancing as well as strict hand hygiene. The suggestions to work from home is still valid. We must keep our premises safe so that we can be at work when home-work is not suitable.

Importantly, relevant information about the Covid-situation and the University is reached from the links at the page.

The seminar series are active again and links are found in the calendarium on the home page. We have had half-time seminars both at the Ophthalmology and Psychiatry and will again have a dissertation next week at the Functional Pharmacology on-line. We also have presentations from candidates for our on-going recruitment: Senior lecturer in Medical Neurobiology. Please join in to listen and participate in these events.

There will soon be elections for the Departmental board and if you want to participate make sure to be nominated not later than May 25 and then make sure to cast your vote. Contact Cecilia Yates for information.

With best wishes for the weekend and have a nice Ascension day “Kristi himmelsfärdsdag”.

Finn Hallböök, Head of the Department
Dept Neuroscience