To all Staff, post-doc and PhD Students at the Department of Neuroscience


With May comes the verdant spring and ”Valbordsfirandet”, the Walpurgis festival is usually something very festivitas in Uppsala on the 30th April. This year, however, it is different! 

No "forsränning", celebrations, pick-nicks or waving with ”studentmössor" in Karolinabacken. We may instead stand on our balconies and terraces at 3 pm and wave to each other.  Check out the Vice-chancellor’s recommendations how to celebrate spring -

Only a few of the staff at the Department have been sick with bad Covid-19 symptoms and I hope all at the Department will keep well and safe. It is important to remember that Covid-19 is now spreading within the Uppsala community and the risk of being exposed is higher than before. Avoid all crowds and follow the recommendations of hygiene and distancing. Please respect our attempts to keep the Department safe and stay at home if you feel sick. Maintain contact within your groups and keep up the good work while working at home if possible.

The remote teaching is working thanks to all the splendid work by teachers and administrators. The examinations are still a challenge. 

The seminar series at Psychiatry is up running every other Friday at 12.30 pm on Zoom. It works very well, is well-visited and holds high quality. It is easy to join and you find links on the homepage. We encourage to get going with all research seminars via Zoom. Contact to arrange for the next Thursday lunch neuro-seminar.

Despite the current situation, I am happy to see that the work at the Department is gradually normalising even though it is quite different from before. We have had dissertations with excellent discussions with the opponent located in the UK and the thesis committee as well as the audience in several other countries. Great performance.

The Department board meeting will be next Tuesday by Zoom. It will be interesting to see the financial result of the 4 first months summarised in the tertial audit. We will start preparing for the elections to the Departmental Board  for a new 3-year period that will be held in late May / early June. More information will come in short.

With best wishes for an enjoyable Valborg and a pleasant May 1st.

Finn Hallböök

Finn Hallböök, PhD, professor
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