To all Staff, post-doc and PhD Students at the Department of Neuroscience


Another week with Covid-19 has passed. We are into our 3d week with distance education. The past week has from the Department’s perspective been less eventful but the consequences of the Covid-actions are now digging in.

The Heads from all Departments at the university had a 2-day zoom meeting with the Vice Chancellor Eva Åkesson and the Prorektor Anders Malmberg to discuss the Covid-situation and other current issues. The university leadership took the opportunity to give all of you a great thanks for your efforts to solve and handle the situation. The decision that education must be on distance is prolonged to May 15 but we must all be prepared that this may last longer. 

We have expanded the leadership- and crises-handling group at the Department of Neuroscience with two PhD student representatives from the board; Sofia Wagner and Ida Hensler also representing ”doktorandrådet”. It is clear that our research is affected by the Covid-situation and that it will also strike both PhD and post doc projects. The majority of clinical projects are severely affected and there is increased demand from the hospital on both PhD students and supervisors with clinical duties. This will have effects on the graduate and post doc training and you must consider revising the immediate project plans together with your supervisor to adapt to the situation. These problems were discussed at the meeting with the other Departmental Heads and the Vice Chancellor. Questions like ”Will I get prolongation on my PhD/post-doc/project-employment because of the Covid-situation?” were discussed but no solutions are presented and it is important to stress that do not sit back and decrease your activities. Instead be proactive together with your supervisor who has a key role in this. During next week all PhD students will be adressed from ”doktorandrådet” in these questions. We want to increase the awareness and learn how to better be able to support and keep the business up running in a safe way.

Therefore, the Department is open and must be safe for staff, PhD and post docs that need to be at work in order to keep their research going. Please adhere to the following rules:

• Stay at home if you get slightest symptoms of a cold and return after 2 days without symptoms.

• Work from home if the tasks allow after checking with your supervisor or nearest manager.

• The Education for all students is on distance: This is to reduce the number of people in our premises and to increase physical distancing.

• Only Staff, post doc and phD students from the Department are allowed to be in our premises: The same reason as above.
• Keep hand hygiene: wash your hands with soap and water and do not touch your nose/mouth/eyes with your hands. Cough and sneeze in your elbow. Don’t shake hands, use door openers and increase your awareness. Use hand disinfectants.
• Increase your physical distancing from other people both at work and when moving around in the society, while keeping up with safe social activities.

A positive aspect is that the number of sick-leaves has neither increased at the Department nor at the University at a whole.

Keep up the good and safe work. Do not loose your good faith in that together we will ride out this ordeal. If you are worried about anything, do not hesitate to contact staff or other personnel at the Department.

With the best regards,

Finn Hallböök

Prefekt, PhD, professor
Inst Neurovetenskap
Uppsala universitet
Box 593
751 24 Uppsala
Tel: 018 4714944
Mobil: 072 999 9419