To all Staff, post-doc and PhD Students at the Department of Neuroscience


Thank you all for your tremendous efforts to get the distance-education going. From March 18 all teaching must be on distance. The examinations are extra challenging and from this week all practical teaching at the hospital (VFU) is also closed, which adds to the challenge. Please share your experiences and seek good solutions from your fellow colleagues on problems that you face with the education and examinations. Together we will manage to carry on the teaching.

The seemingly deceptive calm student areas without a single person in sight at 12 in the A-corridor in BMC and which normally is fully crowded at this time, does not reflect all efforts done to get the teaching going. I have got several spontaneous comments from students who appreciate all your efforts to provide them with the education. 

The Department is not closed but employees must be safe at work with minimized risk for exposure to Covid19. Therefore all students have distance education, even the ones with individual projects. If you belong to or cohabit with a risk group person for Covid19, you are advised to work from home. For everybody else and after agreement with your nearest manager or supervisor, we encourage work from home if the work permits. However, this must of course not affect the work and we then encourage frequent contacts with the research group. Your PhD or Post-doc researchproject may need special attention and be adapted to this new situation.

It is important that the research group leader takes actions to keep regular meetings with each and all of the members of the group particularly the ones that works from home. If anyone become sick with symptoms of Covid19, inform the Department. 

The virus is now spreading within the society and the risk for being exposed is increasing. Respect our attempts to keep a safe work environment:

• Stay at home if you get symptoms of a cold and return after 2 days without symptoms.

• Only people belonging to the Department should be in our premises.

• Remember hand hygiene: wash your hands with soap and water and do not touch your nose/mouth/eyes with your hands. Cough and sneeze in your elbow. Don’t shake hands, use door openers and increase your awareness

• Keep up to date with information at, and the Public Health Agency of Sweden web pages.

• Increase your "social distancing” both at work and when moving around in the society.

However, do not loose your good faith in that together we will ride out this ordeal. If you are worried about anything, do not hesitate to contact staff or other personnel at the Department. 

With the best regards,

Finn Hallböök

Prefekt, PhD, professor
Inst Neurovetenskap
Uppsala universitet
Box 593
751 24 Uppsala
Tel: 018 4714944
Mobil: 072 999 9419