To all Staff, post-doc and PhD Students who do teaching at the Department of Neuroscience


Uppsala University will do all teaching and examining "on distance” as decided by the Vice-Chancellor from 2020-03-18. This means that all physical on-site campus teaching and examination are discontinued and will be done at a distance, until further notice. The Department and its premises are however not closed for work.

Distance-education and examination should be done with maintained quality and goals. We are working intensely to get all this going and we do make progress. There will be disturbances but we should try to minimise the effects so that all our student may get opportunity to finish education and be examined on their courses.

The examiner with assistance of the course leader decides how the testing and assessment of the students’ performances should be performed remotely. Deviations from course- and training plans are allowed. All deviations and decisions must be documented in written. The course administrator in question make sure the decisions are archived.

The examiner and course leader is responsible for informing the students about what applies to each course. 

It has now been clarified that the distance teaching also applies to independent project work, ie SSA, in-depth projects, degree projects, bachelor’s-, magister's- or master's project. If there are special reasons for individualised solutions such as on-going experimental or animal studies, a decision to allow on campus teaching is taken by the examiner, after having been discussed with the supervisor and the student. These solutions should be used with restraint and projects should continue with extended theoretical parts at home.

Note that internships- and practical training (VFU) that are placed at other work places than UU (ie. RegionUppsala) may continue as long as the other part allows. The VFU supervision from UU should be on distance.

Note also that the decision for distance eduction does not apply to the training of the PhD students, the graduate students. However, there may be courses for PhD-students that are effected.

It is important that all designated supervisors do keep contact with their students. Information is updated on links at UUs homepage and some info from the Department homepage. Contact your supervisor, course leader or study director if you have questions. The course and HR administration is also available for questions. 

Thank you all for your efforts and for keeping the University going in these strained days.

With the best regards and it is a sunny day today!

Finn Hallböök, PhD, professor

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