To all staff and students at the Department of Neuroscience


Information from Head of Department Finn Hallböök, Dept of Neuroscience

Earlier this morning the Public Health Authority decided that education at the universities shall switch to on-line/distance teaching starting from tomorrow, March 18 2020. 

How this will be implemented will be further clarified in short, with additional information from Uppsala University. Please attend information at links from the front homepage (

This means that students shall not come to BMC or any other campuses for eduction but should be offered on-line teaching. Several of the courses at the Department have already taken measures. Disturbances will occur but we will have to work together to solve this situation to the best. The course leaders will give information about how to proceed with the education under these conditions. There are still unsolved issues such as the examination and the intern-practical education/VFU. 


- Employees and students must stay at home unconditionally when minimum symptom of cold / flu presents. Do not go to the health care centers. If you have respiratory problems contact

- Employees who themselves belong to a risk group or co-habit with a person in the risk group, should after agreement with supervisor or the nearest manager work from home even without having symptoms.

- Other employees may - in dialogue with supervisor or the nearest manager - work from home, in whole or in part, to the extent

the teaching and research allows.

It is important that the Research groupleaders, Course leaders and Study directors keep contact with all members of the group / teachers at the course, while working at home.

Make sure that your contact information is up to date (log in to Primula/My page/Personal data). Make sure there is updated contact info to your ”next of kin/relatives”. Monitor your e.mail and the UU.SE home page for info.

As before:

- Adhere to the hygiene guidelines from the Public Health Authority. Wash hands and make sure to avoid direct contacts with other people.

- Make sure to spare the health care system from unnecessary visits and contacts.

- Make sure to minimise contacts and exposure to risk groups including elderly people.

With the best regards,

Finn Hallböök, PhD, professor
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