Collaboration and network

Many research groups at the Department of Neuroscience are part of networks of cooperating research groups with complementary competences and technologies.

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The third task is the University's mission to share the fruits of its research and to engage with society at large, in addition to its other tasks, research and education.

The Department of Neuroscience is eager to help journalists wishing to make use of our research or obtain expert opinion, as well as  information in the different areas of neuroscience. We work also to establish contacts with wider society, including companies, government agencies and local authorities, and schools.

WoMHeR – Women's Mental Health during the Reproductive lifespan

WoMHeR is a center focusing on key research issues regarding women’s mental health that was established at Uppsala University in 2019. WoMHeR aims at being a unique, strategically relevant, interdisciplinary research center, with focus on the contemporary global increase in mental health problems, especially among women. 

Please visit our web site WoMHeR for more information.

Centre of Excellence (CoE) Neurotrauma

CoE Neurotrauma is one of four CoEs in a joint venture between Uppsala university hospital and the Faculty of medicine, Uppsala university, to achieve synergistic effects between highly specialized health care and advanced research. The effort includes dedicated research time for senior physicians/researchers.

Web page: Centre of Excellence (CoE) Neurotrauma 

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